Industry leaders in direct boat importing 

We act as an agent for you, the private boat importer. We are not boat dealers although having previously been so for many years we possess considerable expertise in the marine industry. We have supplied boats to clients in the UK, Europe, Scandanavia, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

All boats are indent ordered and depending on model/options chosen delivery is invariably quite prompt. Boats are ordered, shipped and insured in the client's name. Payments are handled through a secure, independent system to ensure protection of client's funds.

AWB offers a complete supply, ship and delivery service. Our shipping agents obtain the best rates going; this means even more savings for you! All boats are shrink wrapped prior to shipment to ensure that they arrive still looking brand new. We have agents in a number of countries and regions to assist with boat ordering and delivery.

Unlike dealers who naturally are committed to promoting their dedicated franchises, we are totally independent. So is our advice. As the world’s leading, independent American boat importing agency we have the ability to source new boats 'ex stock' which often means immediate availability; not waiting in a factory production queue, often for months, as local authorized dealers are invariably compelled to do. 

Importing your new powerboat direct through AWB saves you money!

American dealers of most leading brands are banned from exporting new boats, however we have long established associates in the USA which allow us to purchase current model, popular brands of American boats virtually at dealer standard buying (wholesale) prices. We also have a number of old inventory, 2010-2014 unregistered, unused, larger model Bayliner's, Trophy's, SeaRay's and Meridian's  plus some from other leading brands either at or BELOW dealer cost available on a first in, first served basis.

American Wholesale Boats has been in operation since 1990 and is proud of its record with well over 1,200 boats handled to date. We have 'changed the rules' by which new American boats can be purchased, bypassing distributor/dealers and saving our clients considerable sums of money. If you are a genuine buyer, in the market now to purchase a new leading brand, American powerboat, we look forward to being of service to you.